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Oregon Golden Goat

Grade: AAAA

Type: Sativa

THC: 19.6%  |  CBD: 0.25

Effects: Calming, Energetic, Euphoric

Aroma: Clove, Pepper, Citrus


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An incredibly sweet and potent strain, Oregon Golden Goat is a Sativa-dominant plant with a strongly cerebral and social effects package. For those who like racier Sativas, it will provide a wonderful creative and social boost, seemingly making it impossible to sit down at times.  It’s a strain that works best on a sunny day with friends rather than a night home alone. The sweet and tangy buds deliver a connoisseur-grade final product.


THC19.6% | 68th Percentile

  • Effects/Treatment: Relax Muscles, Reduce Pain, Promote Sleep, Deep Relaxation, Stimulate Appetite
  • Negative Effects: Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizziness, Anxiety

CBD0.2% | 18th Percentile

  • Effects/Treatment: Calming, Reduce Inflammation, Reduce Nausea, Decrease Anxiety, Relax Muscles

THCV0% | 13th Percentile

  • Effects/Treatment: Energetic, Euphoric

CBN0% | 2nd Percentile

  • Effects/Treatment: Promote Sleep, Reduce Pain, Relax Muscles

BETA-MYRCENE2 mg/ml | 56th Percentile

  • Smell: Clove, Spicy
  • Effects/Treatment: Relaxing, Relax Muscles, Reduce Pain, Promote Sleep

BETA-CARYOPHYLLENE1.8 mg/ml | 44th Percentile

  • Smell: Pepper, Hops, Clove
  • Effects/Treatment: Reduce Pain, Reduce Inflammation, Decrease Anxiety, Prevent Nephrotoxicity

ALPHA-BISABOLOL1.4 mg/ml | 77th Percentile

  • Smell: Floral, Citrus, Sweet
  • Effects/Treatment: Reduce Inflammation, Anti-Microbial, Reduce Pain, Treat Cancer


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