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Discreetly Baked Key Lime CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Flavour: Natural Key Lime

Strength: Unit contains 250 mg of CBD


Discreetly Baked creates their own in-house blends starting with *Anhydrous Crystalline Isolate that is pure and natural. We do not use any propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. Our preference is a derivative of 100% organic coconut oil labeled a multi-chain triglyceride.


*Anhydrous Crystalline Isolate, formulated with European Certified Organic Hemp (Eco Cert) that is cultivated to the highest standards.


This product contains no THC, no alcohol, no butane, no propylene glycol, and no glycerins.


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Discreetly Baked is proud to offer the highest quality CBD–from seed to finished product. We are committed to sustainable agriculture, sourcing the best CBD.



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