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Cannhiba Honey Oil


1 gram of Honey Oil


Lab-tested to contain 84% THC

Cannhiba Honey Oil is a full spectrum Cannabis oil created from our pesticide free single strain, outdoor grown in the beautiful British Columbia. We achieve a perfect consistency in every dose through production in large batches from a single strain, maintaining a natural terpene profile not found in distillates.


Great for dabs, vape, or adding to joints


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Why full spectrum oil is superior to distillate.

While Cannhiba Honey Oil maintains a fully intact terpene profile, for a dramatically more intense flavour and effect, unlike distillate which is made from a mix batch of low grade products and trim that no longer has a terpene profile.

Distillate requires terpenes to be added back in while our Cannhiba Honey Oil retains its deep natural terpenes evident in the flavour and the pure, golden oil sourced from a single strain.


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